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KEEKS- Climate and Energy Efficient Kitchens in Schools

“Who has never been to a canteen in a school, a hospital or at a public museum? Public catering is an essential service provided by governments for their citizens. Its procurement is a relevant part of public spending. At the same time, the food system as a whole is facing several challenges. Public procurement and catering services can be part of the change towards sustainability.” (Background)


“StratKIT aims at making public procurement and catering services more sustainable in the Baltic Sea Region. Therefore, it

  • identifies solutions to the challenges;
  • develops and tests regional strategies;
  • inspires and motivates procurers and caterers to use their opportunities.” (Project)


“The Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit provides experience-based advice on how to set up innovative strategies and activities for sustainable public procurement and catering services. The toolkit was developed in the Baltic Sea Region countries but can be used in many more places due to the generic descriptions in the tools. Start the change in your municipality, your company, your school, your hospital, or elsewhere!” (Toolkit)