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NEMO Museums, migration and cultural diversity: Recommendations for museum work

“The theme of cultural diversity and the challenge of museum work for a pluralistic society call for new points of view and new narratives. This applies to every category of museum: natural history museums, art museums, museums of technology, ethnological museums, museums of history, regional museums, city museums, local heritage museums, children’s museums, open-air museums, etc. The actual form that this new perspective takes can differ depending on the type of museum.


These guidelines contain recommendations on what strategies might look like in the specific context of the core museum tasks collecting (including conservation and research), exhibiting and outreach. They describe smaller measures that can be implemented at a reasonable cost, as well as extensive changes that affect the whole museum and require longer-term processes. The range of tasks will vary according to the capabilities, resources and goals of the individual museums. The guidelines also touch on other aspects that are important for museum funding bodies and patrons, and for policymakers and culture enthusiasts. In line with the structure of the Bunte Reihe, a series of guidelines and recommendations published by the German Museums Association, the present guidelines are not an academic treatment of the subject. Rather, they are intended as a practical support for everyone who works for and with museums.” (p.5)