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UN Ecosystem Restoration Playbook: a practical guide to healing the planet

“Earth needs help. The climate emergency, the loss of nature and deadly pollution threaten to destroy our home and eliminate many of the millions of species that share this beautiful planet with us. But this degradation is not inevitable. We have the power and the knowledge to reverse the harm and restore the Earth – if we act now.


That is why the United Nations has declared the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Starting on World Environment Day 2021, individuals, groups, governments, businesses and organizations of all kinds can join forces in a global movement to prevent, halt and reverse ecosystem degradation and secure a sustainable future for all.


Ten years might seem a long time. But really, we are in a sprint. By 2030, we must nearly halve greenhouse gas emissions to prevent devastating climate change. Huge progress is needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, from eliminating poverty and fighting disease to safeguarding biodiversity. We need to bend the curve onbiodiversity loss – a frightening trend that may lead to the extinction of 1 million species. Healthy ecosystems are vital to meeting those goals. Restoring them is a massive challenge. But more and more people realize that we must change our ways and move urgently to protect and rebuild nature for the sake of future generations and out of love for the world we live in. If you are ready to join #GenerationRestoration, this guide will show you how. It will help you to identify opportunities for on-the-ground restoration in your area and find partners and support. It will also show you how to relieve the pressure on ecosystems by changing what you do and what you buy, and by encouraging everyone to get serious about sustainability.” (p.3)