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Transforming Futures: An anti-poverty resource pack to support arts, cultural and heritage organisations as they create pathways to cultural participation for children and young people in Wales

The resource seeks to address poverty in terms of income poverty, participation poverty (children being or feeling left out, especially acute for children from marginalized groups), and service poverty (access to public services and equality of opportunity).

“Recognising the positive impact that cultural engagement and participation can have on children and young people living in poverty, and the fundamental importance of working in partnership and collaboration to deliver that impact, Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales, supported by the Welsh Government, hosted a one-day conference on the subject on July 17th 2012… This event was followed by a seminar on Cultural Participation for Children and Young People Experiencing Poverty on 4th October 2013.

The overarching themes discussed in this seminar were:

  • What are the cultural lives and motivations of children and young people?
  • What are the benefits and impacts of participation in public cultural provision, in terms of children’s engagement?
  • What does research tell us needs to be done to change children’s and young people’s cultural lives, sustainably and for the better?

This resource pack follows on from the conference and seminar, and has been designed to signpost anyone who has an interest in this area towards further information, links and potential partners.” (p.5)