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PATH - A tool for directing heritage recovery for sustainable peace

“Founded on the premise that cultural heritage is an open-ended concept, which is evenly poised between peace and conflict, PATH aims to assist heritage practitioners and supporting organizations in spreading the philosophy of ‘do no harm’, while maximising opportunities for peacebuilding through heritage recovery and rehabilitation…

The overall objective is to build a community of practice and gather evidence to support the idea that cultural heritage contributes to the creation of just and inclusive societies - a global priority, as expressed through the Sustainable Goal 16 (SDG16) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.” [p.3-4]

“PATH - Peacebuilding Assessment Tool for Heritage Recovery and Rehabilitation aims to inform the design, monitoring and evaluation of heritage recovery and rehabilitation projects in conflict contexts.

It draws on concepts and tools such as Risk Management (see page 74) and Conflict Analysis (see page 64) that are widely used in humanitarian and development aid.

The guiding questions and exercises in this self-assessment Tool help the users to identify the attitudes and behaviours of those involved, as well as the conditions of vulnerability in a given conflict context, which may impede heritage recovery and rehabilitation, leading to deeper divides and the backsliding of the conflict.” (p.12)