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Pacific Intangible Cultural Heritage Mapping Toolkit

“The toolkit is designed to provide guidance in mapping intangible cultural heritage (ICH) in Pacific Island countries and communities. It focuses on the simpler tools and techniques of mapping cultural resources, including documenting, archiving and interpreting cultural data. The toolkit provides a general step-by-step framework to help countries and communities research, collect, collate and archive data for use by current and future generations. Additionally, the toolkit can be used to establish programmes that will help in revitalising ICH…


The toolkit can be used to:

  • map evolving ICH elements in communities;
  • develop cultural programmes or strategies for government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs);
  • assist in the development of policies and legislative measures for the protection, preservation and promotion of ICH;
  • develop a central database system to store collected data;
  • enhance transmission and continuity of ICH in the local community; and
  • identify endangered ICH so that safeguarding measures can be developed” (p.7)