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NETPositive Supplier Engagement Tool

“The purpose of the Tool is to:

  • Provide a mechanism to engage, support and develop value chains by providing suppliers with the opportunity to create a customised sustainability action plan for their business (Note: this is at no cost to the supplier, as we recognise that many suppliers are small and medium-sized enterprises with limited resource and/or experience of sustainability planning)
  • Provide a simple way for the client to communicate the importance of sustainability to their suppliers in a clear and consistent manner
  • Provide the client with a mechanism to view and interrogate supplier commitments, activity and associated evidence of sustainability through an easy to use data dashboard
  • Provide an opportunity for the client to monitor supplier sustainability action plans as part of the procurement process – through contract management
  • Enable evidence of supplier progress and success to be gathered across a range of sustainability issues to enable their impact to be celebrated in the context of the client’s organisational priorities (CSR, Sustainability, Social Value)”