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Green Economy Roadmap and Ten Conditions for a Transition toward a Green Economy

“The ICC Green Economy Roadmap represents a comprehensive and multidisciplinary effort to frame the concept of ‘green economy’ and promote a more common understanding… The ICC Green Economy Roadmap is a forward-looking document meant to serve as a reference document for current and future actions. We hope that it will be a useful tool for integrating sustainability into business strategies or government policy frameworks” (Preface, p. 4).

“The world is facing a critical challenge: how to create economic opportunities for a growing population while ensuring that economic growth and environmental and social responsibility work together in a mutually reinforcing fashion... Business has an essential role in bringing solutions to global sustainability challenges… Today’s collective sustainability challenge requires all actors, whether business, government or civil society, to accept shared responsibility and shift towards more collaborative
and solutions-oriented thinking.

To meet these challenges, the ICC Green Economy Roadmap calls for innovation, collaboration and governance on ten conditions that need to be worked on simultaneously, both bottom up and top down and in the short and long term for a transition towards a ‘green economy’” (Executive summary, p.5 of Roadmap).