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Cross-Border Co-operation for Museums: From a Project Idea to a Successful Proposal: A Toolkit

“In October 2019, NEMO published an analysis of museums’ participation in different EU funding programmes from 2014-2018. The report shows that only a fraction of museums in Europe make use of EU funding opportunities. In addition, not many new organisations find their way to these funding opportunities, not least because of the complexity of the application process. As a European network, it is NEMO’s core task to encourage and enable museums to operate across borders, learn from each other and exchange expertise. This is why NEMO has decided to develop a Toolkit to help museums and museum associations across Europe to better access EU funding and increase their international activities. The Toolkit gives an overview of the benefits of international cooperation and the existing funding opportunities, with a strong focus on EU funding programmes. It can also be thought of as a step-by-step guide to help museums prepare a successful proposal and build a strong consortium of partners, providing extensive expertise and information about the requirements that museums should aim for when engaging in a European cooperation project. It includes interviews with key organisations across Europe that are active at European level sharing their learning, insights and experiences of being partners in European cooperation projects. Please note that the Toolkit was written at a time when the new EU programmes 2021-2027 were being developed and that it provides a snapshot of a field in constant development. Readers are invited to access the more general and introductory EU webpages and follow these developments.” (p.3)