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Marine Debris and Plastic Source Pollution Toolkit for Colleges and Universities

“According to the Ocean Conservancy, six of the top 10 contributors to marine debris are single-use, or disposable, plastic products. They include food and beverage container caps and lids, beverage bottles, plastic bags, food wrappers, flatware (i.e., cups, plates, and cutlery), and drinking straws. Known as “food service ware,” such single-use plastic utensils and containers pose a threat to marine environments because they do not fully break down or decompose. When littered, or caught by the wind, these items get washed into stormwater drains that empty into streams, rivers, bays, and other waterways.”


“Many plastic food service ware items originate on college and university campuses - in cafeterias, snack rooms, cafés, and eateries with take-out dining options. That’s why we created this Campus Plastic Source Reduction Toolkit…


By following the steps in the toolkit, you can help your college or university reduce plastic waste through source reduction - the process of minimizing the amount of plastic used. Together, we can cut down on plastic waste and reduce the amount of marine debris polluting the planet’s oceans and waterways.”