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First Peoples: a roadmap for enhancing indigenous engagement in museums and galleries

“This Roadmap should be used as a tool to understand why and how to improve engagement and employment of Indigenous Australians [in and with Australian museums and galleries].”

“The Roadmap is about changing interactions, communication, understandings and ultimately, the Australian view of First Peoples… The 10-Year Indigenous Roadmap sees a future where Indigenous communities have control of their cultural material. Indigenous peoples have had cultural material and ancestral remains taken from them for 200 years. This is distressing for Indigenous peoples and means that over time, culture might be forgotten. Reconnecting with this cultural material brings about cultural revitalisation… The Roadmap will enable the [museum] sector to develop respectful conversations across the continent. What we want to see in 10 years’ time, is a sector that engages Indigenous communities seamlessly. Seamless engagement involves mutual respect, exemplary communication, organic representation in employment, executive roles, board positions and throughout museums and galleries exhibitions… The participation and representation of Indigenous Australians in this sector is crucial to securing reconciliation between first and settler Australians.”