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The Role Of Libraries In The End Of Poverty In All Its Forms in Uganda

“Literacy and Information are fundamental prerequisites for both academic, social and economic prosperity and achievement. All over the world , the poor, marginalized and vulnerable people are subject to several discriminations and this is more common in developing countries”(Hoq, 2015).

⁠The tendency and practice of disregarding and marginalizing the people of lower standards of living and their information requirements is the major hindrance to development and cause of poverty in all its formats; fortunately there has been a paradigm shift in the thinking and the perception about the role of information and information services as well as Libraries, information centers for development and prosperity, i.e, the fight against poverty. Now it is believed that information and knowledge are essential ingredients for development,(Singh, 2012).

The role of Libraries are changing with the new inventions of techniques and technologies, it is against such a back ground that this essay will help to envision a deeper understanding of the role of libraries in the fight against poverty and goal to end poverty in all its formats everywhere.” (p.3)