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RIBA Sustainable Outcomes Guide

“The RIBA Sustainable Outcomes Guide crystallises targets that need to be achieved, with an aggressive timeline to delivery by 2030 for new and refurbished buildings, and an absolute backstop of 2050 for most existing buildings. The RIBA urges all architects to embrace these and act on them. The time for greenwash and vague targets is over: with the declared climate emergency, it is the duty of all architects and the construction industry to act now and lead the transition to a sustainable future that delivers the UN Sustainable Goals.” (p.5)


“In this guide the RIBA has identified eight sustainable outcomes that all buildings contribute to. These sustainable outcomes are clear, measurable, realistic, and transparent between expectations and outcomes. They avoid long checklists and unnecessary complexity and address the triple bottom line definition of sustainability – balancing social, environmental, and economic value.


They can be used not just by architects but the wider construction industry and its clients.


The RIBA’s eight sustainable outcomes build on previous environmental performance indicators for construction, not least those of the Movement for Innovation in 2001. Not all the UN SDGs are covered, because many of these apply at Government policy level, and beyond the remit of an individual built project.” (p.6)