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A Repatriation Handbook: a guide to repatriating Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ancestral Remains

“The handbook is intended to assist with pursuing the return of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander human Ancestral Remains. It is hoped it will be useful to anyone who may become involved in repatriation, including staf within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations, community museums, heritage agencies, universities, and relevant local, state and national governments. It is also hoped this handbook will inform and assist international governments and collecting institutions seeking to return Ancestral Remains to Australia. The guide is mainly based upon Australian experiences; however, it will inform Australian institutions and individuals involved in repatriation about how to approach overseas institutions and brief international institutions about how Australian repatriation activities often proceed. It will also assist international repatriation advocates in pursuing the return of Ancestral Remains from Australian collecting institutions.” (p.8)