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Mobilising Museums for Climate Action: tools, frameworks and opportunities to accelerate climate action in and with museums

“This Toolbox is intended to help museums and those who work in them, their partners, and the broader public, to accelerate their activity to support climate action. This overarching aim is achieved through the following approaches:


• Raising people’s awareness of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement, and the ways in which museums can help support these agendas through their activities.

• Empowering people to connect their work with Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, as the main current blueprint for sustainable development activity worldwide, tailored to local circumstances.

• Familiarising readers with the main elements of climate action – mitigation, resilience and adaptation – and of climate justice, and the ways that museums can support these.

• Fostering a greater awareness of the ways that climate change relates to human rights, how museums relate to human rights, and how to use human rights-based approaches as a basis and rationale for climate action.

• Inviting people to reconsider and reimagine museums – whether their own or more broadly – to better support people as individuals, communities and society to meet and face the challenges presented by climate change, now and in the future.” (p.13)