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IFLA Guidelines for Easy-to-read Materials

“These guidelines have three main purposes:


  • to describe the nature of and the need for easy-to-read publications;
  • to identify the main target groups for these publications; and
  • to offer suggestions to publishers of easy-to-read materials and those organizations and agencies that serve persons with reading disabilities.

Easy-to-read publications are needed by people with various levels of reading disabilities. To a great extent, the needs of these groups are similar, and it is possible for several countries to cooperate in producing easy-to-read materials. Libraries play a key role in the easy-to-read field.  This publication is the second edition of the Guidelines for Easy-to-Read Materials.


Many developments have taken place in the easy-to-read area since the first edition was published in 1997, not only in terms of technical solutions, but also the situation for disabled persons has changed. The modern society makes great demands on all and today all citizens are expected to be well informed and make their own decisions, including persons with disabilities.”