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The Green Archivist: A Primer for Adopting Affordable, Environmentally Sustainable, and Socially Responsible Archival Management Practices

“In the past forty years, research and publications in the library science and museum studies fields have illuminated the growing imperative of adopting green practices in cultural, educational, and public heritage institutions in the United States. These initiatives are part of a much broader and global issue known as environmental sustainability, or meeting the economic, environmental, social, and cultural needs of the present without compromising the same needs of future generations. Numerous books, articles, and professional organizations currently advocate for sustainable library and museum services and facilities, including green building construction and management, and ecologically-sensitive business operations. However, within the field of archival science, investigations have concentrated on facilities design and environmental control rather than on a holistic approach promoting simple, attainable, green initiatives that archivists can readily implement. This article examines the state of scholarship in these arenas and is further intended to broaden the scope of the green discussion within the archives community. It also offers a pragmatic framework of strategies and resources needed to incorporate more affordable, sustainable, and socially responsible archival management practices into the profession.”