Education for Sustainable Development and the Toitū te Ao carving

“Sustainability is a critical issue for New Zealand – environmentally, economically, culturally, politically, and socially. We need to learn how to live smarter to reduce our impact on the environment for future generations.” (About)


“The carving explores the interdependence and interconnectedness of people and the environment which includes the social/cultural, political, economic, and environmental perspectives of sustainability. It has been created as a visual metaphor representing a Māori world view of education for sustainability.


A range of effective teaching and learning approaches are represented that promote a change in thinking, and develop students’ and teachers’ action competence for sustainability. Images that can be interpreted as symbols for co-operation, inquiry, and experiential learning are part of the Toitū te Ao.


Teachers may choose to share these processes with students and invite them to consider what part of a particular process they are currently working at in their learning.” (Toitū te Ao carving)