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Diversity and Inclusion Code

“The Diversity & Inclusion Code is a code of conduct for and by the Dutch cultural and creative sector committed to diversity and inclusion. The code is an instrument of self-regulation that serves to ensure that the Dutch cultural and creative sector represents the broad diversity of Dutch society. A basic requirement is that the sector is equally accessible to everyone: from creators and producers to workers and audience members. The sector will only be owned by everyone when everyone can contribute in their own way, when everyone is valued, respected, and heard, and when everyone feels at home in the sector...

The society we live in is highly diverse: a reality the sector as a whole cannot ignore. To relate to this reality means to respond to the diversity present in society. You can achieve this by making your work, products, services and organization accessible to everyone. This is key to remaining relevant and attractive as a cultural and creative organization. Failure to utilize the potential of diversity necessarily means excluding part of society.” (p.3)