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Curating Conflict: The Troubles and Beyond

“Over the last 50 years, the Ulster Museum has developed a reputation for dealing with contested history. In the past, this has been achieved by providing an authoritative interpretation and framing of our history within a broad international perspective, and was the case with exhibitions like Kings in Conflict (1990) and Up in Arms (1998). In recent years, whilst the international context remains just as important, we have evolved our practice in new ways.


The need to present diverse voices and multiple perspectives through collaboration and co-creation now guides our thinking and approach. At the forefront of this is our new exhibition gallery The Troubles and Beyond. This has been a key corporate priority for National Museums NI. We have learned a great deal during the course of its development, which will be carried forward into further phases of work. Whilst we certainly have much still to learn, we also have much to share. And that it the purpose of this book.”