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Culture and Local Development: Maximising the Impact: guide for local authorities, communities and museums

“Museums and cultural heritage sites are powerful assets for local development. They can inspire creativity, boost cultural diversity, help regenerate local economies, attract visitors and bring revenues. There is also increasing evidence that they can contribute to social cohesion, civic engagement, health and well-being. For several decades now, cities and regions have been drawing on these assets to put in place heritage-led actions as part of their wider economic development strategies. National, city and regional governments, the museum community, and other stakeholders are increasingly interested in these issues. New ways to measure the impact of culture and museums on local development are being sought in order to effectively channel public and private funding. The debate is shifting from only demonstrating the tax revenues, visitor spending and jobs associated with a museum’s economic activity to also capturing broader social and economic impacts. These impacts include community development through improved social capital, urban regeneration, place branding, inclusion, well-being, innovation and creativity. To respond to these challenges, the OECD’s Local Economic and Employment Development Programme (LEED) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM) partnered to develop a Guide to inform and support policy makers and the museum community.” (p.7)