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CILIP Local Studies Libraries Toolkit

“Welcome to the CILIP Local Studies Group Toolkit. The Toolkit is a freely accessible online guide that will help and inspire local studies professionals and para-professionals to provide an excellent local studies service within their authority. We also hope that it will be of use to others in the library and heritage sector.


The toolkit is split into themes. Each theme covers a key area of our work and contains sources of ideas, tips and advice.


Local Studies Collections come in all shapes and sizes, so we have chosen to focus this advice on collections held in local studies collections in focal centres around the UK, such as those held by unitary authorities or collections held in large towns or cities, but we also aim to make references to material that should be held in county collections.


The most important point is that this is a working document for the entire community, so we need your help. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, examples of best practice that you wish to share or, even better, completely disagree with points in this guide, please let us know. Put a comment at the foot of the appropriate page or send us a comment. This guide will only be as good as the contributions you make.”