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Business Reporting on the SDGs: An Analysis of the Goals and Targets

“We are at a key moment in the evolution of sustainability. The SDGs have enormous potential to drive corporate action and reporting. With transparency becoming the new paradigm for conducting business, this is the moment to take sustainability reporting to the next level and show the impact of business on the world’s top priorities. This publication “An Analysis of the Goals and Targets” (hereafter: “Analysis”) aims to aid progress towards these global top priorities by helping businesses large or small, all over the world, improve their reporting and performance on the SDGs. This Analysis is an inventory of possible disclosures [actions] per SDG, at the level of the 169 targets. To facilitate transparency, a set of disclosures were developed – both qualitative and quantitative – based on globally accepted disclosure frameworks for business. Any business can use these disclosures to report on their efforts towards achieving the SDGs. And greater transparency leads to better performance. To aid understanding, these disclosures are linked to an illustrative menu of potential actions business can take to contribute to the SDGs. In cases where there are no relevant disclosures for particular targets, the Analysis highlights these gaps, signaling areas where new disclosures need to be developed in the future. As such, this Analysis is the first step towards the greater ambition to develop a harmonized set of disclosures for businesses to report on the SDGs.”