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AIDS memorials from obituaries to artworks – a photo essay

“Ever since individuals began to die from the disease (AIDS), memorials and monuments have been created and this photo essay charts the evolution of these from the 1980s to the present day, showing the variety of forms these have taken from informal, ephemeral and activist orientated endeavours to more formal and institutionalised projects.” (p.1)


“This photo-essay shows only a selection of an extreme variety of AIDS memorials that have evolved from spaces of mourning and healing into spaces for empowerment of survivors. In later memorials, caregivers, scientists and activists are explicitly included as well. The trend can be seen through the different categories of memorial described above.


AIDS memorials are certainly cultural heritage. Monuments and other immobile memorials should be officially registered in national heritage registers. Depending on the country, these are organised on the national, regional, county and/or municipal level, but AIDS memorials are hardly officially recognised as cultural heritage.” (p.42)