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Accelerating Zero Emissions Delivery: An innovative approach to transforming the last mile

“Accelerating Zero-Emissions Delivery: An innovative approach to transforming the last mile introduces a new financing model for Zero Emissions Delivery Zone (ZED Zone) that can accelerate commercial vehicle electrification and enable companies to hit their clean shipping goals… Further, the model can unlock substantial financial, social and environmental returns for forward-thinking investors. For example, the report finds that by sponsoring just 15 zero-emissions delivery vehicles, companies can create $1 million of health benefits from reduced air pollution.”


“Electrifying transportation is critical as the world works toward creating a more sustainable and equitable future. Online sales are rapidly growing, which is increasing the demand for more delivery vehicles that contribute to air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and congestion. The health of the planet and communities are at risk. The urgency to find innovative solutions for fleet electrification that can drive down air pollution and climate pollution is at an all-time high as the world struggles with COVID-19 and more frequent natural disasters. We believe there is a better way…


Accelerating Zero-Emissions Delivery introduces an innovative model for accelerating commercial vehicle electrification by harnessing customer demand to overcome a variety of barriers. Giving independent contractors access to electric trucks without becoming cost burdened, enables brands like us to continuing progress against our sustainability and delivery commitments even when we don’t own or control the vehicles that operate in our supply chain.


By leveraging the collective purchasing power of brands, we can send a message to transportation suppliers, policy makers and communities that zero emissions deliveries are a priority and are possible. The transition to a sustainable transportation future is not only possible today, it’s more important than ever before”