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3.11 Densho Road [disaster memorial museums]

“Because of the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck on March 11, 2011, a wide area of 500 km along North East Japan's Pacific coast suffered enormous damage. Although many precious lives and valuable properties were tragically lost, many lives were also saved. In the areas affected by the disaster, many facilities have been set up to communicate the realities of the disaster and the lessons learned from it.


In recent years, large-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods have occurred frequently, but there also have been many cases where people would not have lost their lives if knowledge of past disasters had been utilized. Along with maintaining infrastructure, such as levees, a society must be aware of disaster prevention. Each individual should possess awareness and take appropriate action, such as evacuating. Thus, there is a deep significance to learning at disaster memorial facilities located in areas hit by disasters.


Meanwhile, disaster memorial facilities are spread over wide areas and multiple prefectures, and it is difficult to gather this information and visit them in a limited amount of time. As such, we categorize and offer information on awareness communication facilities, and we install guide maps and signs and build a network, allowing people to visit the facilities efficiently and meet their objectives within the time available. As a result, a system will be built that allows visitors to effectively learn the lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and it will be possible to increase local exchange because many people from Japan and from overseas will visit the disaster-hit areas.


In this way, 3.11 Densho Road, which links these disaster memorial facilities, serves as a platform for disaster awareness communication, aiming to improve the region's disaster-prevention capabilities and to promote the areas affected by the disaster.”