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Sustainable Exhibit Design: Guidelines for designers of small scale interactive and travelling exhibits

“This study on Sustainable Exhibit Design will investigate best practice in sustainable exhibit design and produce a report setting out guidelines for designers of small interactive and travelling exhibits…


While sustainability covers issues relating to social, ethical and economic considerations this report concentrates mainly on the direct and indirect environmental implications of designers’ practices. The timing of the research effort coincided with a live project for students on the Museum and Exhibition Design degree course at University of Lincoln, UK. They were asked to design a small-scale interactive exhibit which aimed to raise public awareness of flood issues – a topic of immediate environmental significance. This study, therefore, was initiated to increase the student exhibition designers’ knowledge of the relationship between the design decisions they make and their environmental consequences. The technical specification of exhibits can have a positive effect in minimising detrimental environmental impact. This is a relevant consideration regardless of the subject matter to be communicated by the exhibit. Generally, the research aimed to highlight issues that should be considered and offer guidance to designers so that they can ask the right questions and make informed decisions.” (p.2; p.9)